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Get passes for your students

As a fourth-grade educator, you can download an activity and print paper passes for each of your students. This program only provides passes for fourth graders.

You're a fourth-grade educator if:

You're a teacher at a U.S. or U.S. military school, or

You're an adult who engages fourth graders through a youth-serving organization. For example, a camp director, a home-school leader, an after-school leader, or a religious group leader.

Activity Guides

Activity 1: Exploring Federal Lands and Waters (PDF). This lesson teaches students why our country protects lands and waters.

Activity 2: Environmental Stewardship (PDF). This lesson shows students how to take care of lands and waters.

Activity 3: Our Nation’s Native Peoples (PDF). This lesson teaches students about the people who lived on this land before it was called the United States.

Activity 4: Citizen Science (PDF). This lesson helps kids learn about the difference between weather and climate.

Generate passes

Each student receives a paper pass with a unique code. That pass gives them free access to all national parks, lands, and waters through August 31, 2024.

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Fourth-grade educator info:
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You can only print up to 300 passes at a time. To print more than 300 passes, just fill this form out again.